How To Map Out Your Customer Journey

Irrespective of what your industry your online business is in, every customer goes through a journey when making a purchasing decision. Knowing your customer journey will help you know what information to give them and when.

Creating a customer journey, or sales funnel, is valuable to you and your customers. The more you understand your customer, the more you’ll be able to provide information and content material to them so that they can make an informed buying decision about buying from you.

Know Your Buyer

You can’t create a customer journey map until you know who your customer is. You may have different sections of potential customers. By way of example:

Customer Avatar: a perfect customer type.
Recurring Customers: people who have purchased from you before.
Segment: a section of your email list who downloaded a particular checklist.
You should ideally create a customer journey map for each type of potential customer.
Recognize Your Customer’s Pain Points

By way of each of your customer journey stages, establish possible pain points. What is the problem or issue that they want to remedy? As you proceed to create a customer journey map, you’re very likely to uncover new pain points that you maybe had not first thought about.

Your Marketing Channels

The structure of the content you provide to your prospective customer is dependent on the sales channel in which it’s going to be delivered. For example, if the content material is on your website, it can be in PDF download format to help build your list, or it can be a blog post or article. If the marketing channel is social media, for instance Facebook, that will help you know what type and format of content you need to produce.

Your Marketing Objectives

Know the objectives of the content you’re creating. For example, “To inform 100 people about the hazards of processed food.” Or, “To add 50 people to my email list in the next week.” The more precise your objectives are, the better.

Understand Your Audience’s Objectives

The goals of your audience are even more important to help you create the right content at the right time in your customer journey. A potential customer who is mindful that they have a problem but has done nothing about it, is going to have a different goal than someone who actively searching for a solution to their problem.

Know The Buying Stage

Each phase of the customer journey has different opportunities for engagement with your potential customers. This requires knowing who you’re targeting, what their objective is, and what will make them buy from you.

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